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What do I do if I have Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms?

Guidance from the NHS sates that the common symptoms are:

  • High temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

  • New, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

  • Loss of taste or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or states different to normal


If you or a member of your household has any of the Coronavirus symptoms or you feel generally unwell do not come to College - follow the self-isolation guidance from NHS.  We actively encourage you to follow the test and trace system and get a test should you show Coronavirus symptoms.


What if I am anxious about being on the College campus because I have an underlying health condition or someone on my household does?

During your online enrolment interview, the member of staff enrolling you will ask you whether you have any concerns about being on the College campus and will discuss options with you.


Which bus should I take and how can I apply for a bus pass? 

This includes an explanation of the different bus routes available and ways to apply for the corresponding bus passes. 


Should I wear a face covering on the bus?

The College highly recommends that all students wear face coverings on buses and other forms of public transport.


What equipment do I need to bring with me?

During induction, you will be provided with a ‘welcome pack’. This will include basic stationery items such as a pen, pencil, ruler, highlighter etc. It will not include writing paper, calculators or more specialist equipment. We will not be able to loan or share any equipment in lessons, so please come prepared with paper, files etc.  The welcome pack will also include a hand sanitising gel.

Please bring a laptop and headphones, if you have them. These will be very useful at this time.

Students who have decided to study AS Level Art will need to purchase a pack of Art supplies from the College costing no more than £30. If a student is needs financial assistance, we have a Financial Contingency Fund (FCF) to provide support.


Should I ensure that I wash my hands regularly?

It is very important that we all adopt good personal hygiene and by washing your hand frequently for 20 secondswith soap and water; this can reduce the spread of the virus.  Please use the hand washing facilities in the bathrooms to wash your hands throughout the day. However, please respect the maximum occupancy signs on the doors and wait if there are already people in the bathroom.


Will hand sanitisers be available within College?

We have been working hard to ensure that the College is prepared for you arrival. We have plenty of hand sanitising stations around the College site and you will have a personal hand sanitiser in the welcome pack to use for the first few weeks too.  You should sanitise your hands when you arrive on site, when you return from breaks, when you change lessons, and before and after eating. Regular and through hand cleaning is very important and will be for the foreseeable future.


Will there be enough toilets to ensure social distancing?

The College will be providing additional portable toilets to ensure that we meet the guidance outlined by Welsh Government.


How is the College ensuring that the classrooms and social address are clean?

We have enhanced our cleaning regime by employing additional cleaners to work on the site during the day. They will clean regular touch points like door handles, banisters and toilets. Cleaning will be undertaken in a continuous cycle throughout the College day. We are using a state of the art cleaning product that is used by the NHS and British Transport to ensure that our cleaning regime is thorough and robust.


Will social distancing be possible when moving around the College?

We want to ensure that you can safely stay distanced from others when moving around the college as much as possible. We have markers on the corridor and stair floors. We have employed chaperones to work with our teaching staff and management to promote and enforce social distancing in corridor and social areas.  

We ask you to be patient and respectful to others in College and give people space.

Please help us by always walking on the left of all corridors and stairways, and space out from the person in front of you.

Students can wear face covering in lessons or in corridors if they feel more comfortable in doing so. 


Will classrooms operate within social distancing guidelines set by Welsh Government?

We want to ensure that you can safely work in classrooms and IT rooms so we have spaced each workstation out. We understand that the rooms will look a little different and there will be less students in each room, but this is for your safety. The desks will be forward facing in most classrooms. Please help us by not moving any chairs or tables as they have been set up with social distancing in mind.  

We will be encouraging staff to ensure that the windows and doors are open, where possible, to ensure rooms are well ventilated.

Each classroom and each toilet facility will have a maximum occupancy sign on the door.  We have reduced the number of persons allowed in a room to ensure we can socially distance.  Please respect these signs.


Do I have to social distance at break and lunch time?

Yes, most certainly! Whilst at College we still want to provide you with breaks and time to eat your lunch, but we must still socially distance at 2 metres. If the weather is dry, we would ask you to go outside for you breaks – but please stay apart from each other The College has hired an additional marquee for you to use to increase the social space available to students. We also will be opening up some additional classrooms during break times.

If you want to stay indoor then the ‘Well of the Hall’ has been reconfigured and you can sit 2 people per table.  We ask you to please not to move and chairs or tables as they have been set up to achieve social distancing.


Should I ensure I follow the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach?

Definitely! This approach continues to be very important. All rooms and social areas will have tissues available. Bins are available in all classrooms and social areas, but please get into the habit of bringing tissues to college with you too. 


Will College start and finish times be staggered?

In order to reduce the flow of students at peak times to meet the social distancing guidelines, the College will be issuing guidance on staggered starts and finishes before the start of term via email and its website.


What do I do if my lessons start after the start of the College day ad end before the end of the College day?

We would encourage you to come into college for your lessons only. This will ensure that we have fewer students on site in social spaces and communal areas.   


Will the College Canteen be open?

The College Canteen will not be open for the first half term so please ensure that you bring a packed lunch, including drinking water. The ‘welcome pack’ will include a refillable water bottle that you will need to fill at home and bring to college on a daily basis. Please do not worry, we will provide free bottled water for the first week.


What do I do if I think I am eligible for free meals?

Information on free meals can be found under ‘Student Life’ > ‘Support and Welfare’ on our website, or by using this link: https://www.stdavidscollege.ac.uk/support-and-welfare/

Students eligible for free meals should use this allocated money to purchase their packed lunch whilst the College Canteen is closed. When the College Canteen reopens, hopefully after October half term, students will be able to purchase their free lunch from the Canteen. 

Where can I find and sign the EMA learning agreement? 

 The EMA learning agreement is on our website: https://www.stdavidscollege.ac.uk/ema/

The learning agreement can be completed and submitted online. 


Will practical sessions in subjects such as Sport, Science and Performing Arts take place?

Further details on practical subjects such as Sport, Science and Performing Arts will be provided at the start of term by your subject teachers. The College is planning for practical lessons to be undertaken in a safe and socially distanced way and we are looking to do some practical lessons outdoors for Sport.


Should I access the taster materials before I start in September?

Hopefully, you will already have looked at our Taster materials on our website: https://www.stdavidscollege.ac.uk/tasterday2020/  If not, try to use this last few weeks to work through the materials for the subjects you are thinking of choosing. These materials will help you to decide whether the subjects you are thinking of choosing are right for you!


Are there any questions that you think we have not answered?

We care about how you feel and we appreciate this is a tough time, so please feel free to speak up and tell us if you are not okay, or you are concerned about anything.

If you have a question before your arrival at St David’s, you can contact us by emailing admissions@stdavidscollege.ac.uk.

During your induction week, you will be allocated a pastoral tutor who will be there to answer questions and who will support and guide you while studying at St David’s’. Obviously, you can speak to any member of staff at the college if you have a question or are concerned about anything.

Can I loan a laptop/ tablet or gain Wi-Fi from the College?

Please refer to the webpage: https://www.stdavidscollege.ac.uk/loaning-a-laptop/

You will need to complete an application form so that we can investigate whether you meet our eligibility criteria.

What should I do if I cannot log into my student account?

Firstly, try to reset your password. If this is not successful, then send an email to itsupportrequests@stdavidscollege.ac.uk providing your full name and student number. 


Where can I find and sign the EMA learning agreement? 

 The EMA learning agreement is on our website: https://www.stdavidscollege.ac.uk/ema/

The learning agreement can be completed and submitted online. 


When will I receive my EMA payments? 

Once you have completed the EMA application, it has been approved by EMA and you have signed the Learning Agreement with the College, your payments will take up to fourteen days to reach your bank account.  This delay is the result of EMA payment dates being every two weeks.


What should I do if I have not received/ or have been told I will not be receiving my EMA payment? 

This may be because you have unauthorised absences. Please contact your Pastoral Tutor to resolve this.  Once you have spoken with your pastoral tutor, please notify Student Services and any necessary backdated payments will be made.  These payments may take up to two weeks to reach your bank account. 



Where can I get a proof of attendance letter?   

You can request this letter at Reception or by emailing studentservices@stdavidscollege.ac.uk

You will be sent a copy on your college email address within a day.     



What should I do if a lesson is not in the stated classroom?  

Please go to Reception on the middle floor of the main building of the College to check if the teacher has changed the location of the lesson.



When will my Welsh Baccalaureate lessons start? 

If you an Upper 6 students then lessons started in September. Lower 6 lesson will start immediately after the October half term, from Monday 2nd November 2020.



When will pastoral tutor group lessons start?

You will have had contact with your pastoral tutor remotely during the first half term. Pastoral sessions start the week beginning Monday 16th November 2020.



When will Spiritual Reflection lessons start?

Spiritual Reflection lessons will start from Monday 16th November 2020.



How can my parents/ guardians get access to information on my progress?

Visit the College website: