Community Challenge

Community Challenge

Welsh Baccalaureate
Awarding Body
Welsh Baccalaureate


The Community Challenge will provide learners with the opportunity to select an activity from one of the following community themes:

  • Social/welfare
  • Neighbourhood enhancement
  • Coaching

Learners will plan and organise the activity either as an individual or in a team (consisting of 3-6 members). 30 hours must then be spent directly carrying out the activity with or in the local community. On completion of the Challenge the learner must carry out a reflection of their personal effectiveness.

The purpose of the Community Challenge is to develop learners’ skills, whilst encouraging learners to identify, develop and participate in opportunities that will benefit the local community. During the Community Challenge learners will explicitly develop skills of Planning and Organisation and Personal Effectiveness and apply them in an appropriate manner.

Today’s learners need to be aware of the challenges and opportunities they may meet on a personal level in their local community: school, the local area, the nearest village, town or city. Learners will focus on real-life concerns and needs through activities which aim to make a difference in the community. The Community Challenge should provide experiences that help young people understand what it means to be an active citizen. The challenge should enable them to develop as effective and responsible members of their local community.

You will be able to apply for this course at interview.