Destinations of Leavers

2016 was another successful year for St David's. On average, 33% of students gained A grades at A level (including the Welsh Baccalaureate), and 433 students progressed to universities. Approximately a third of our learners attended prestigious Russell Group universities, including 72 to Cardiff University. This makes us the largest single provider of undergraduates to Cardiff.

Our headline results are: 

  • A Level A* - A: 33%
  • A Level A*-C: 81%
  • A Level A*-E: 97.9%

Please click here to see the full list of 2016 destinations.


Meg was a Mathematics, History, French and English Literature student at St David’s from 2012-2015. Meg took advantage of our ‘RASMA’ programme, which enables a handful of deserving learners to retake their final year of sixth form in order to achieve better results and to open doors which may not have been open to them previously. Meg is a fantastic example of how seizing this opportunity and working hard to improve her results, led to her changing her path in life, and it seems she couldn’t be happier...

I didn’t get it right first time round. The range and magnitude of the choice to go to university, where to go and what to do overwhelmed me, and frankly I wasn’t ready. After discussing it with my personal tutor, I decided to withdraw from UCAS. Far from making me feel like a failure, it was one of the most liberating choices I’ve ever made, precisely because I knew St David’s would make sure I didn’t fall through the cracks. I was allowed onto the third-year programme, RASMA; after receiving my A-Level grades, I decided I needed to re-sit a few modules if I was to get the best chance at university, and the teaching staff could not have been more wonderful. In each of my A-Level subjects, I was allowed to join classes as I needed, and was given boundless support by the teachers who cared so much about my progress and wellbeing. Perhaps most importantly, I was allowed to take other subjects, to keep following new interests and benefit from the philosophy of St David’s that all learning is beneficial, even if it doesn’t necessarily seem to tick a requirement or an objective.

I’d given up the idea of applying to the highly competitive unis, but in response to the encouragement from my third-year tutor, the chaplain, the UCAS officer – pretty much the whole staff – I changed one of my options to the University of Oxford. Throughout the application, I never felt a lack of support or faith in me. I was able to work on my own terms, being given advice when I asked for it but always focusing on being myself. St David’s had allowed me to wait until I was ready to move on to the next stage of my life – ready to make those terrifying decisions, and accept whatever the outcome was.

I gained a place, and have now started my second year studying English at Oxford. I definitely wouldn’t be here - and definitely wouldn’t be enjoying it so much -  if I hadn’t gone to St David’s. And I couldn’t say how grateful I am without rambling on for years. The college lets you be a human being and an individual, and I believe it’s that, along with all the academic achievements, that makes it a place where true ‘potential’ is reached.

Meg Harrington, Class of 2015