eduroam Setup Network

For eduroam installation, please click here.

For eduroam overview, please click here.

The College has provisioned a network that allows access to be able to gain information about the eduroam network, and also to download any of the installation or certificates required to gain full home or visitor access to the network.

This network can be accessed by joining the network labelled 'St-Davids-Setup'.  Access is available to the following sites:


1.  College website to get information regarding the eduroam deployment.

2.  eduroam Website to get information regarding locations where the network is available

3.  eduroam CAT website for participating institutions.  This will allow visitors to download the applicable installation for their device should this be required.  It is advisable to do this prior to leaving the home institution so assistance can be sought from IT support while on-site

Scan for eduroam CAT tool