Enterprise & Employability Challenge

Welsh Baccalaureate
Awarding Body
Welsh Baccalaureate


The Enterprise and Employability challenge requires the development of a business idea and proposal, and with final proposals illustrated in a visual display and pitched to a panel.

The purpose of the Enterprise and Employability Challenge is to develop learners’ skills, whilst providing opportunities for learners to develop enterprising skills and attributes and enhance employability. During the Enterprise and Employability Challenge learners will explicitly develop skills in Digital Literacy, Creativity and Innovation and Personal Effectiveness and apply them in an appropriate manner.

In today’s world it will be desirable for the learner to develop an enterprise mind-set which can enhance employability prospects. In this Challenge learners will have the opportunity to create and implement innovative ideas based on meeting the needs of customers and/or businesses by developing a product or service. This can be achieved and enhanced by following an enterprise process which includes liaising with employers and interacting with successful local entrepreneurs. This challenge will enhance employability by enabling learners to be more opportunity-focussed, self-aware and attuned to the business environment. 


You will be able to apply for this course at interview.