Applications for September 2021 are now closed. 





What's Happens When applying?


You will receive an email to say that your application has been received. You will then be asked to send in your Year 11 report or the most recent school report you have.

Types of Offer 

We make a judgement on your suitability for study at sixth-form by assessing your application, personal statement and your school report.

We judge a number of criteria including your attendance record, attitude to study as well as how motivated you are to come to St David’s.

If we believe that you have the right attributes for study in the sixth-form and we have the courses for you, we will make an unconditional offer for study. This means you are guaranteed a place to study at St David's. We will then arrange a telephone guidance session for you to talk through course choices and answer any questions you might have.

If we believe that St David’s may not be the right place for you to study either in terms of the courses you are most suited for, we will make a reserve place offer. This does not mean you have a place to study but we might get in touch with you in August to talk about what courses we may be able to offer you. Students in receipt of a reserve offer are advised to consider and seek other post-16 options.

Students who don’t meet either the age requirement of the college or have submitted an application form in which they have not met our requirements of attendance or attitude to study in their school, will receive a rejection. In terms of age, students must be no older than 17 years when beginning at the college.

Taster Sessions 

During June / July 2021, the College is organizing taster sessions for each of our courses so that you can test your chosen courses before committing to them. These sessions also give you the opportunity to experience courses you are interested in, but you did not have the opportunity to study for GCSE.

If restrictions are in place, due to COVID, then the taster sessions will be available online. 


Registration will take place shortly after your GCSE results are announced. The College will write to you with details of the date and time of your summer registration. It is important that you attend enrollment, failure to do so can put your place at College at risk. Your studies will begin shortly after enrollment.

If you are having problems with the online application form, please email for a copy of the applications form with a SAE (self addressed envelope) Alternatively, download and print an application form here.