Open Evenings & Events

Our open evenings are held in November of each year and so they have now been completed for the 2018-19 recruitment cycle. However, we run smaller open afternoons for those who missed our open evenings, or would like to come for another look around. 

Open Afternoons

Our open afternoons run from January to June and dates are listed in the booking form below. The afternoon consists of an introductory talk by the Assistant Principal for Admissions, followed by a tour.


Please note that these afternoons run during the College day, and so usually the individual subject staff will be unavailable to speak to. However, the Assistant Principal and Admissions Team members will be on hand to answer questions and give advice.

Once you have submitted your application you will be invited to a Guidance Session. These are delivered by our teaching staff and so more often than not, we will be able to find you subject specialists on these days if you wish to speak to someone.