Parental Testimonials

"My son has ADHD. At the start of his courses at St David’s, university seemed a long way off. Now, my child has finished his sixth form education and he has been offered his dream course at his dream university. Without the engagement of staff and their inspirational lead as role models, my child might have taken another road. St David’s has helped to take my child successfully through his late teens and on to a fantastic career path. 

"St David’s is a very welcoming, warm place for young people, with their focus very much on helping their pupils in any way that they can. This includes not just providing a high quality education, but also offering personal and emotional help whenever needed.

"Each student is important to the College and staff respond to them with kindness, consideration and warmth. Although learning is the focus of lessons, my son has often come home laughing about his day and talking excitedly about what he has learnt. I would recommend St David’s to any parent, it is an outstanding and quite remarkable place."

Amanda Barnett

"My daughter attended the College from September 2014 to June 2016. She attained A* in the Welsh Baccalaureate, and A grades in French, Philosophy and Mathematics and studied English Literature to AS level, gaining an A in 2015.

"There are several aspects of the College that are very impressive. The most important in my opinion is that the culture of College is one of inclusion and respect for everyone regardless of background and this enables student to feel safe and confident. Staff really care about the wellbeing of the students and are very willing to listen to any problems and provide support and advice.

"Students at the College are treated as young adults and this enables them to make the transition from school to university or work life very easily – over the two years I could see that my daughter was gently encouraged to become an independent learner and to have confidence in her own abilities and capacity to make her own decisions.

"The advice given on university choice and the support given to complete the UCAS application form, navigate interviews and apply for financial support was outstanding. Students are also given a wide range of opportunities to broaden their skills by participating in activities outside of the curriculum.

"Academically the students are stimulated and challenged and I was very pleased to observe a genuine desire in staff to ensure that, as well as teaching the fundamental content of the courses, they foster critical thinking skills, facilitate the acquisition of lifelong learning skills and help students develop evidence-based problem-solving strategies – this is very impressive and differentiates this college from other schools.

"My daughter feels that St David’s has enabled her to discover her true self – through meeting so many new people her previous views have been challenged and her opinions deepened. During her time at the College she has transitioned from a teenager to an adult and has finished with a strong, close group of lifelong friends.

"I’d like to finish by extending my warmest congratulations to you all for creating an excellent learning environment and my sincere thanks for looking after my daughter so well. I do hope that my son will also choose to attend St David’s College."

Professor Karen Holford FREng

Parent of a former pupil from Cathays High School