Product Design (Collaboration Course)

Product Design (Collaboration Course)

AS & A2
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(This course is delivered at St Teilo's)

Course Overview

St David's are pleased to be working with St Teilo’s in order to offer a dynamic AS and A Level Product Design course.

Product Design offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for students to identify and solve real problems. Students will look at a range of needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by designing and making products in a wide range of contexts.

Design and Technology is concerned with the application of skills, knowledge and understanding, which are focused in the following areas of the course specification: designing and innovation, product analysis, human responsibility, public interaction, materials and components, industrial and commercial practice, processes, and productions systems and control.

How is the Course Assessed?

AS Level (year 1)

One piece of coursework and one examination - to be taken during the summer exams.

The examination includes a mix of short answer, structured and extended writing questions assessing learners’ knowledge and understanding of: technical principles and designing and making principles. Students are also assessed on their ability to analyse and evaluate design decisions and wider issues in design and technology.

A sustained design and make task, based on a contextual challenge set by WJEC, assesses candidates’ ability to: identify, investigate and outline design possibilities; design and make prototypes; analyse and evaluate design decisions; and to understand wider issues in design and technology.

A Level (year 2)

Half of the overall grade comes from the AS year and the other half from the A2 year, which comes in the form of one 3 hour written examination entitled ‘Design and Technology in the 21st Century’, and one piece of ‘design and make’ coursework. This is 80 hours of work.

What Next?

A Level Design and Technology can lead to study in further or higher education in a wide range of areas such as engineering and design. Some of the fields open to Design and Technology students include product design, engineering, medical technology, teaching, architecture, graphic design and DTP.

Specific Entry Requirements

6 GCSEs A* - C. It is helpful but not necessary for candidates to have studied a GCSE Design and Technology.

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