04 Dec

Christmas Pantomime 2014

A Level Drama were given the task of producing a children's pantomime, under the guidance and direction of Drama Director Mr Crowley. Paige Jones gives her account of the processes and the event.


In the pantomime, I am playing the Evil Queen’s humorous servant Timothy. Playing a male comedy character is a change for me as I normally play a female. I like a challenge and this was definitely one.

We had the chance to explore different roles within the class, such as costume designer, props and set designer, product manager, music director, choreographer, sound and light, marketing and script editor. My job role was the costume designer. I loved this opportunity to be the costume designer as I enjoy fashion and design. I liked researching the characters to create their costumes and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the outcome on stage. 

It was a task working with the class to create the pantomime, but with a great outcome. It was a fantastic experience to perform my own pantomime as I love performing, and especially because my ideas were interpreted into the show.

-Paige Jones