The core mission of St David’s College is to serve the community. Each year, St David’s has students from around 50 different nationalities. This diverse and rich community adds value to everyone, as we learn about our different cultures and backgrounds, proving that we are all different, and we are all together.

Culture Day

On a day that has remained a highlight of the year, we celebrated our diverse and rich heritages on Culture Day 2023.

A Look Back at Culture Day
St David's College Culture Day

Testimonial: Vinay Yadh and Iffatara Khan

In the midst of November, we began to notice a surge of culture day-related posts all over social media. As we glanced around the diverse community of St. David’s College, we realized that we, too, ought to celebrate...

St David’s Catholic College Sanctuary Pledge

We are committed to the following City of Sanctuary values:


We welcome and respect people from all backgrounds, place the highest value on diversity and are committed to equality.


We are committed to a culture of working collaboratively across the City of Sanctuary networks and in partnership with others.


We work with people seeking sanctuary and value and recognise the contribution of all. We aspire to ensure people seeking sanctuary are involved in all decision making at all levels and are supported to become leaders in the organisation, networks, and the wider movement.


We aspire to high standards of honesty and behaviour, and always to act in the interests of people seeking sanctuary.