From Pontypool Train Station

The train from Pontypool to Cardiff Central takes around 33 minutes. 

You will need to get to Cardiff Central at around 8:10-8:20am, and make the 5-minute walk to St Mary’s Street to get your bus.

57 or 58 bus

The 57 or 58 buses are regular, and the bus stop that you need to get on at is called Wyndham Arcade. The bus stop to get off at is called Bronwydd Avenue. This will leave you just around the corner from Ty Gwyn Road, where St David’s College is. In the mornings, there are many St David’s students that get this bus.

For your return journey, the bus stop that you will get on at is called Melrose Avenue 

The 52 bus also goes to St David’s College, but is less frequent. The C1 bus also goes to Bronwydd Avenue, however isn’t Cardiff Bus, so you will need to buy a different ticket.