St. Davids College promotes social and cultural Integration. Including the following:

Orientation Programs


St. David’s offers welcome and orientation programs for international students. These programs provide information about the college, the local area, and life in Cardiff and Wales. They also offer opportunities for students to meet each other and socialise, easing their transition into the new environment. This is an integrated part of the Global Up programme.

Events | Open Evening

Social Activities and Clubs


St. Davids College has a variety of social activities and clubs that international students are encouraged to participate in. This can help them connect with other students, both international and domestic, and build friendships while exploring different interests and hobbies.

Debate Club

Cultural Events and Trips


St. David’s College offers cultural events and trips to help international students experience British culture and broaden their horizons. This can include visits to museums and historical sites, along with an organised trip to London, the award-winning Welsh Coast, and the delights of Cardiff.