No matter if you’re looking for a part-time job or to start your career, the Launchpad, is where you can get some help.

Each year students progress to employment to start their careers. We are here to support you through making those steps, and there are many opportunities available to you, to make a good decision and work through the process.

A main feature of the Launchpad is providing employability advice.


You may visit the Launchpad to get advice on: 

  • Part-time jobs
  • Employment skills
  • CV and Cover Letter Advice
  • Interview skills & Mock Interviews
  • Help with applications


You will benefit from one-to-one support, group workshops and opportunities to network with employers throughout the year. By engaging with the Launchpad, you will gain knowledge and skills to ensure you are prepared for the competitive nature of the working world.

Careers Wales


Careers Wales are available every Thursday afternoon within the Launchpad for career advice and guidance. Scheduling outside of these times can be arranged if this day/time does not suit your timetable. Careers Wales offers you:


  • Online careers/ job platform partially funded by the Welsh government.​
  • Plan your journey into a career.​
  • Look at options for post-16 to 19 year-old’s to see how to get work experience, and jobs, and see if apprenticeships are the way forward.


Discover more on Apprenticeships


If you’re looking for an apprenticeship or a way to start your career, the Launchpad offers a variety of resources for help and guidance.