St David’s Catholic College is wholly committed to young people, to reach their potential. As such, we are a campus that is big enough to be a diverse and culturally rich community, but small enough to make good friends and benefit from good relationships with your teachers and staff.


Pastoral Support

Throughout your life you will face a number of challenges. You will need to develop the social and emotional skills to face these challenges. The Pastoral Reflection Programme will not only teach you about some of the issues you will face, but also give you the opportunity to develop the skills needed to face new and unforeseen challenges later in life.

Students in a Criminology Class

Applying to University

Each year over 400 students progress to university. We are here to support you through making that step, and there are many opportunities available to you, to make a good decision.

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate

All learners must complete three mandatory projects which provide a vehicle for learners to develop, practise and demonstrate the Integral Skills through a range of contexts that are relevant and current and that encourage learners to participate in critical and civil engagement and to consider their well-being and the well-being of others.

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales

Spiritual Reflection

Spiritual Reflection is the title given to the Religious Education programme followed by all students, with a 50 minute lesson each week.