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Study and Subject Information

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Academic & Pastoral Support

You can be assured we will offer you an outstanding educational experience and treat you as an individual. We have a dedicated and professional teaching staff assisted by excellent support staff. All students will meet with their Learner Coach twice a week to review their progress and follow our pastoral programme on Wellbeing. We encourage our international students to integrate themselves within the whole college, however the international office is available for guidance and help outside of lesson time.


Application to University and Higher Education

Having attended a UK-based college and succeeded at A level will greatly assist your application to a British university. The college's pastoral programme will assist international students in applying to university through providing academic references and support in writing your personal statement. Cardiff is an excellent location to study at university with four HE institutions.

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The UK education system

Further Education

Level 3: A Level (AS and A2) / BTEC

Higher Education

Level 4: Diploma / Certificate of Higher Education

Level 5: University Foundation Degree

Level 6: Bachelors Degree

Level 7: Masters Degree / Post Graduate Certificate / Post Graduate Diploma



Welsh Baccalaureate

As well as undertaking a programme of A levels, all students at St David's study the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. The qualification is worth an additional grade A at A level and can contribute to gaining a university place. Click here to read more about the Welsh Baccalaureate.



Twice a year the college will formally report on the progress of all students through the tracker and reporting process. Written reports are sent home to parents. The online eILP (electronic individual learning plan) also allows students and their parents to monitor their progress daily by accessing online attendance and assignment information.


Flexible Learning via Moodle

Students are able to access learning materials and support via the college's virtual learning environment called Moodle. It is an essential tool for success as it allows students to study privately outside of lesson time and contact their tutors for additional support should they require it. Students are provided with a username and password to access the site. All St David's students are provided with a college email address and access to IT as part of their study.