A life-changing experience and fun time with friends. Opportunities to discover new interests. Develop essential skills for life and work.

St. David’s aims to give students opportunities outside the classroom to develop skills that will benefit their applications to University and Employment; the Duke of Edinburgh award builds initiative, self-belief, and problem-solving as participants work through challenges.

Fundraising and group activities build teamwork, leadership, and confidence skills, and the programme culminates in an expedition, where you will spend time in the outdoors working through practical application of skills and enjoying time beyond a classroom.

Recognised by employers and Universities for the life- skills gained, students get immense satisfaction finishing this exciting challenge.

St David’s College is a licensed centre providing the Silver and Gold Awards to students as direct entrants or as progression from awards achieved in other centres.

Requirements for Gold and Silver

Volunteering is simple. It’s choosing to help people, the community,
society, the environment, animals, etc. Such as fundraising, charity shop
work, litter picking and neighbourhood watch.

Your skills activity will prove you have expanded your expertise in
your chosen skill, but it should not be a physical activity like
astronomy, dog training, chess & vlogging.

Choose any sport, dance or fitness activity – anything that requires
a sustained level of energy and physical activity like boxing,
surfing, belly dancing, BMXing, or skating.

You must plan, train and finish a self-reliant expedition with
an agreed aim. Train for your level. Complete a practice then
a qualifying expedition with a showcase.

Start a shared activity or course with people you don’t know, in a
residential setting away from home and in an unfamiliar
environment such as tree planting & cookery courses.

How do I sign up? 


You can sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh Award by contacting Mr Price – mprice@stdavidscollege.ac.uk during the first term. There is opportunity to sign up at the annual Freshers Fair and opportunities communicated through your student email.

Students Conquer Storms and Peaks in Gruelling 5-Day Brecon Beacons Expedition