Ian Brookfield – Foundation Governor

Ian Brookfield was appointed at St. David’s Catholic College in January 2013 as a Foundation Governor. Mr Brookfield has been a full time lecturer at Cardiff University for over twenty years and has considerable ma nagement, administrative and teaching experience to bring to his appointment. Mr Brookfield is a member of the Community, Curriculum and FGB Committees.

Dr John Channon - Observer Governor

Dr Channon was appointed at St. David’s Catholic College in February 2019 as a Parent Governor, having worked as an international development economist (specialising in public finance) for over twenty years and, before then, as Senior Lecturer in economics at the universities of London and Lancaster. He also served previously as a school governor and chair of a school Parent Council. He thus brings to his appointment a wealth of management, administrative and teaching experience.  Dr Channon is a member of the Finance and Resources and Full Governing Body Committees.

Michael Harper – Vice Chair and Foundation Governor

Michael Harper was appointed at St. David’s Catholic College in 2007 as a Foundation Governor before his retirement. Mr Harper worked in the Welsh Office and then Welsh Assembly Government, responsible for teacher recruitment, initial training and professional development. Mr Harper holds a Doctorate from Cardiff University that focussed on teacher in Further Education.

Mr Harper is a former Chair of Governors at Mary Immaculate High School where he served until 1999. Mr Harper believes strongly in the values that the College promotes and upholds. Mr Harper is a member of the Curriculum and Audit Committees.

Nigel Harris - Co-opted Governor

Nigel Harris was appointed at St. David’s Catholic College as a Co-opted Governor in September 2017.  Mr Harris has a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences from Manchester University and is a Chartered Management Accountant.  After retiring he became a non-Executive Director of the Frontier Medical Group having previously been Finance Director and Managing Director.  Mr Harris is a member of the Finance, Estates, General Purposes and Personnel Committee and the Full Governing Body Committee.

Christian Mahoney - Chair of Governors

Christian Mahoney was appointed a Foundation Governor in 1999. Mr Mahoney is a Solicitor specialising in property law and is a former pupil of St David’s Catholic College. Mr Mahoney is currently the Archdiocesan representative on the lay committee for spirituality, attached to the Bishop’s Conference for England and Wales. Mr Mahoney is an experienced retreat giver on Ignatian Spirituality and holds retreats at St. David’s Catholic College on a regular basis. 

Mr Mahoney is also a  committee member of the strategic alliance between St David’s Catholic College, Cardinal Newman and  Coleg Cymoydd.

Olivia McLaren – Staff Governor

Olivia McLaren is the Destinations Manager of St David’s College, having worked for the college for 8 years. She was appointed Staff Governor in 2020. Olivia has guided hundreds of students through their progression from St David’s College to universities, apprenticeships or employment. Olivia is also a big driver in the college’s links with universities and career based programmes, creating many valuable opportunities for students.

Justin McCarthy – Foundation Governor

Justin McCarthy was appointed at St. David’s Catholic College as a Foundation Governor in September 2014. A graduate of Manchester University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer. Mr McCarthy was a Clinical Engineer in the NHS and retired in 2009 as the head of the Clinical Engineering Department in the Cardiff and Vale Trust. Mr McCarthy now does consultancy work and is very involved in international safety standards for medical equipment. Mr McCarthy is a member of the Community and Audit Committees.

Professor Sally Power – Foundation Governor

Professor Sally Power was appointed at St. David’s Catholic College as a Foundation Governor in February 2014. Professor Power is the Director of Research Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. Professor Power directs WISERD Education, (Welsh Institute of Social and Economic Research Date and Methods) a major Research project following the progress of 1,500 Children and Young People and the progress through their education. Professor Power is a member of the FEGP and Personnel Committee and Chairs the Curriculum Committee.

David Stone - Foundation Governor

David Stone was appointed a Foundation Governor to St David’s Catholic College in March 2016. He brings to the Governing Body substantial experience of Catholic education in the Archdiocese. He taught at St Joseph’s High School in Newport and St Illtyd’s High School in Cardiff before being appointed Vice-Principal to the newly established St David’s College. He subsequently became head teacher of Corpus Christi High School. He is now retired. Mr Stone is a member of the FEGP Committee.

John Edwards - Foundation Governor

John Edwards was appointed at St David’s Catholic College as a Foundation Govenor in July 2019. A former Mining Electrical Engineer who joined The Sussex Police Force in 1971, Mr Edwards is a former Director of the Knights of St Columba. For 8 years he was the Chair of Govenors at St Philip Howard High School, Barnham, West Sussex. Mr Edwards is currently Secretary of The Cardiff Circle (36) of the Catenian Association. Mr Edwards has obtained a Honours Degree in Religious Educational Studies from Brighton University. Mr Edwards looks forward once more to be involved within the field of Catholic Educaiton, especially here in Cardiff. 

Kenzie Hollingsworth - Student Governor

Kenzie is the Student President of the Catholics and Friends’ Society of St David’s College. The Catholics and Friends’ Society represent the student body on a number of issues, including wellbeing, curriculum, environmental concerns, careers and vocations.

Kenzie was elected as President in September 2021.

Mrs Helen Cargill

Helen Cargill was appointed to St David’s Catholic College in June 2018 as a Community Governor. Ms Cargill has over three decades of internal audit and management experience having previously held senior positions in some of the largest audit firms in the world. Ms Cargill specialises in the education sector and brings this expertise to her role on the Governing Body.

Mrs Margaret Thorne

Maggie Thorne joined the Governing Body in October 2019 as a Foundation Governor.  Maggie is also on the board of a school in Dubai and brings considerable education specific experience from previous roles including as a Deputy Head.

Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown was appointed as Clerk to the Governing Body at St. David’s Catholic College in November 2019.  Georgia is also responsible for the Human Resources provision at the College. She has worked at the College since 2016.