The Global Up program. AFS (American Field Service) is an international organisation that focuses on intercultural learning and exchange programs. They offer various programs for students and educators to experience different cultures and perspectives.

AFS Programme Global Up.


It is a blended learning program offered by AFS Intercultural Programs that helps individuals develop global competence skills.

Here are some key points about the program:


  • Goals: Develop skills like collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, intercultural communication, open-mindedness, and flexibility.
  • Target Audience: Offered to individuals of different backgrounds, including international students, related professionals,  and educators,
  • Global Up Abroad: Focuses on developing skills before, during, and after an international experience.
  • Pre-departure preparation: Equip yourself with the necessary skills to navigate different cultures, build relationships, and adjust to new environments.
  • Enhanced overseas experience: Gain deeper insights and understanding of your host culture, leading to a more fulfilling experience.
  • Post-program reflection: Integrate your learnings into your life back home and share your experiences with others.
  • Online modules: Cover various topics like cultural adaptation, communication strategies, critical thinking, and global citizenship.
  • Live sessions: Engage in dialogue and reflection with a trained facilitator and fellow participants.
  • Peer forums: Connect and share experiences with a global community online.
  • Tailored curriculum: Based on the specific details of your international experience and learning goals.
  • Online learning platform: Provides access to modules, videos, forums, and quizzes.
  • Live sessions: Facilitated by qualified experts to foster discussion and reflection.
  • Certificate: Upon completion, participants receive an AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC).

Overall, the AFS Programme Global Up is a valuable program for anyone interested in developing their global competence and understanding other cultures.


Develop essential global competencies:

  •  Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  •  Problem-solving
  • Intercultural communication
  •  Open-mindedness
  • Flexibility
  • Increase your self-awareness and cultural sensitivity.
  • Gain valuable skills for personal and professional development.
  • Earn the AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC) upon completion.