All learners must complete three mandatory projects which provide a vehicle for learners to develop, practise and demonstrate the Integral Skills through a range of contexts that are relevant and current and that encourage learners to participate in critical and civil engagement and to consider their well-being and the well-being of others.

Global Community Project

The Global Community Project gives learners the opportunity to explore a wide variety of complex and multifaceted global issues and to appreciate how global issues transcend local and national boundaries.

Through completion of the Global Community Project, learners will:

  • evolve as an informed global citizen
  • draw links between local, national, and global issues
  • engage as an active citizen in a sustainable world and Wales.

This ability to play a role within society, as well as how to shape it with confidence is an essential skillset for everyone.

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales

Future Destinations Project

Learners are encouraged to explore realistic employment opportunities and the potential pathways available to them. They will investigate their journey to employment alongside considering the potential health, social, and financial well-being impacts on themselves and others.

The Future Destinations Project also enables learners to understand the value of collaboration to further their own thinking. Learners will have the opportunity to:

  • become self-aware by considering personal attributes, capabilities, achievements, and well-being priorities
  • explore pathways to employment destinations and consider the potential impact on own and others’ well-being
  • explore ways of collaborating with others to further their own thinking.
Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales

Individual Project

The Individual Project provides opportunities for learners to develop a range of research skills and are encouraged to explore a subject with an emphasis on future educational or career aspirations. The skills that learners will be developing will be of great benefit to them in future higher education and employment, as well as good discussion points for interviews leading to their future destination.

In completing this project, learners will:

  • recognise the importance that research plays in making informed decisions
  • be encouraged to find, evaluate, analyse, communicate and use information to solve complex problems
  • have the opportunity to demonstrate originality, initiative and to exercise personal responsibility.
Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales