‘Spiritual Reflection' (formerly 'Faith in Action’) is the title of the course of Religious Education provided at St David’s College. That title summarises all we try to do in helping our students reach their full potential as human beings by achieving a balance of body, mind and spirit in their lives. As a Catholic college, St David’s is founded on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. He is the revelation of God and shows in his life the truth that “The Glory of God is humanity fully alive” (St Irenaeus. 2nd Century). May ‘Faith in Action’ help our young people to be fully alive.

George Stack

Archbishop of Cardiff


Every student that comes to St David’s College does so with different experiences and perspectives on faith. It is our intention that, no matter what your background, you should have the opportunity to engage with life’s big questions from an angle that reflects where you are coming from. For this reason, we have developed a course in Religion for all students that combines classroom with service, theory with practice, whilst offering options that account for your different interests and starting points with belief.



The programme is composed of two separate parts – academic and practical.


During the course of the school year, you will dedicate yourself to explore a faith question, which you will be able to choose through one of the following options:

Option 1 - Lessons

The set of sessions, which will include delivery of eight consecutive one-hour lessons, based on a choice of one of the following modules:

AS Modules (autumn term)

  • The Catholic Faith
  • Christianity
  • Do I believe in anything?
  • Faith, Tolerance and Society

A2 Modules (spring term)

  • The Catholic Faith Part II
  • Religion in Politics and Society
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Nature of Pain and Suffering


Option 2 – Retreat Day

A full day of activities, debates and group work, tailored to explore the faith and wonders of the religious world.



Upon enrolment to the college you will become part of a house, in which you will be given the possibility to undertake volunteering activities. The House system at St David’s College, is an integral part of the wellbeing structure at St David’s Catholic College. Every student will choose, or be allocated to a House, and participate in a variety of activities that promote charity, service, leadership, and collaboration gaining ‘Faith in Action’ hours.

In order to successfully complete the Religion and Life programme, you must undertake at least 22 hours of practical work.