A course for all: 

Spiritual Reflection is an inclusive Religious Education programme all students follow at St David's which is accessible to and valued by students of all faiths and none.  Our desire is that all our students avail of the widest choice of subjects whilst also spending time in the week in a more reflective mode which will open up opportunities to explore bigger questions to broaden their studies and horizons.  All students follow this RE course as it is an implicit and integral consequence of seeking a Catholic education.  Our students appreciate this additional unique learning opportunity as Learner Voice survey results have shown over recent years. 

Course Structure: 

Each student has one session per week of Spiritual Reflection on their timetable.  The lessons are planned and structured to facilitate a lot of questioning, discussion and debate.  The whole course is built around the 8 virtue pairings of the Jesuit Pupil Profile.  Topics and issues are explored as they relate to these virtues.  We spend each half term looking at a different virtue pairing. 

Lesson Experience: 

All viewpoints are valued, welcomed and respected regardless of faith background.  This helps to create an open and positive learning environment in which views can be exchanged and challenged safely.  A lot of visual imagery is used in lessons and many relevant video presentations are also used to stimulate discussion.  We want to encourage students to think deeply and reflect on their own views as well as the views of others.  It is a great way of broadening horizons through questioning and discussion.  There is no formal homework set for this subject.  


Students can achieve the Agored Cymru Level 3 Extended Award in Religious Education.  This is a unique qualification created by St David's in conjunction with the Welsh awarding body Agored Cymru.  It is an additional qualification recognised by Qualifications Wales, the Government's Qualifications regulator.  UCAS have also awarded 8 Tariff points for the qualification for University applicants from September 2021.  The Extended Award is achieved on passing the assessments set. These are open book assessments and take place in lesson time in college.   

Course Topics: 

The kind of topics you will explore through the Spiritual Reflection programme include: 

  • Virtue and living a virtuous life 
  • Religious beliefs and practices from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism & Buddhism 
  • Doubt and Faith; Science and Religion 
  • Moral Choices  
  • Questions about life after death 
  • Social Justice 
  • Fate & Freedom 
  • Arguments for the existence of God 
  • Cosmic & biological evolution 
  • A variety of Catholic beliefs and practices