12 Aug

Password Reset - August 2015

Password Reset Instructions

At the beginning of the year we recommended that everyone register for the password reset service. If you did so at the time (or any time when you had a valid password) then you can reset your password from anywhere outside the college using this link: 

Password Reset Service


If you did not register for this service, and your password has expired, please follow the instructions below. 

The monthly password reset prompt has been switched off and so passwords will not expire over the summer break. If your password expired in May or before, or you have forgotten it, you will have to come into the College to reset it. 

We are unable to reset passwords over the phone or via email for data protection reasons. There will be no exceptions to this rule as it in place to protect your privacy.

Students may access the sports hall from Thursday 13th August between 9:30am and 4pm on weekdays. You may then reset your password in S04. 

We ask that students take care when moving around College, as a large amount of building work and cleaning is going on.