01 Sep

Start of Term Information

Welcome to Saint David’s College

We are delighted that you are joining or returning to us and look forward to building together on this year’s record results. Within this article we hope that you will find all of the information needed to ensure that you have an enjoyable introduction or return to College. 
Teaching starts at 9.05 on Wednesday the 2nd of September.


Your timetable has been emailed to both personal and College accounts. If you have not received your timetable, or if there are any queries over your timetable then please come to the Sports Hall on Wednesday afternoon, there will be a help desk there all afternoon and during the first few weeks.
For a College map to help you find your way around, please click here. There will also be plenty of staff on hand to direct you to your lessons.
To allow us to focus on the new Lower Sixth students during the first few days , there will be no core lessons for Upper Sixth tutor groups until Monday the 7th of September. This affects all Upper Sixth tutor groups, including both the honours and the RASMA programme. All other lessons will commence on Wednesday the 2nd of September as detailed on your timetable.

Freshers Fayre

This will take place in the Sports Hall on Wednesday afternoon and will be an opportunity to find out about opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular activities during your time in College. The College buses have been held back until 4.25 to allow students using these buses to attend the Fayre, other students can leave once they have attended. The College will be open all afternoon, including the LRC for students who need or want to stay on site.


We have been informed that there is a bus strike planned for Cardiff Bus services on Wednesday 2nd September. We are therefore expecting some disruption, but please get in as soon as you can, the College and its staff will understand if you are delayed at all. We have posted the latest advice from Cardiff Bus on the website. The College buses are running as normal.


The coffee shop is open from before Lesson 1 until the end of the day, so students can buy hot and cold drinks and snacks. Card payments are accepted and further details about cashless vending will follow in the next few days. The canteen serves hot meals and is open from break time until the end of lunch. Details of the menu and any specials will be sent to you on a regular basis.

Scholarship info

If you would like to apply for one of our scholarships, either a scholarship for academic excellence or a scholarship for contribution to the community, please refer to the website for the scholarship application information. The deadline for the scholarship applications is Tuesday, 1st September at midnight.

Estates Briefing for students and parents Sept 2015

As you return to College after the summer break you may notice that we have made a number of changes to the site over the last few weeks.

Key points for the next few weeks

  • Do not park in the front car park for the next few weeks – there will still be deliveries coming in and dropping off supplies. Turning delivery vehicles will not be easy if the car park is full.
  • Please drive with due care and attention at all times.
  • The apron at the front of the College will no longer offer parking spaces or a space to turn around or drop off. Please ensure that if you are being dropped off or picked up that this is done safely and does not inconvenience any other traffic.
  • We will lock the front gates at the end of each day. If you are being picked up, your lift will need to park away from the buses and be patient whilst we get the buses away.
  • If we have to evacuate the main building we will need you to respond promptly in order to ensure a safe evacuation. If you are amongst the first out, please move further away from the building, towards the car park behind the Astroturf. It is difficult to get out if there are people loitering too close to the building.
  • If we can use the back doors as much as possible over the next few weeks and keep away from the front of the building then any risks will be controlled. This may involve us all walking a bit further to avoid the working area but common sense would dictate that this is safer. The front ramp doors will be available but the bottom doors by the staff room will not be available. Please do not loiter on the ramp either during this time.
Thank you for your assistance in getting through the next few weeks with the minimum disruption to your studies!