03 Sep

End of day pick up - Ty Gwyn Road

Could students ask anyone who is collecting them at the end of the day not to pull up on Ty Gwyn Rd close to the College under any circumstances.

With the Colleges buses, taxis, Cardiff Bus and normal local traffic, the road outside will gridlock very quickly if people pull up near the entrance. In the interests of the safety of all of our students and the local community, anyone being picked up should be prepared to walk a short distance away from the front of the College or to one of the side streets.
The area outside the College is a no-stop zone and if the traffic is disrupted again then the traffic enforcement officers and the police will be asked to deal with anyone causing an obstruction.
Further details will follow about traffic arrangements at the end of the day but the convenience of a small number of students cannot take precedence over the safety of the majority, and by parking too close, any advantage in terms of getting away is lost in the traffic jam caused. We can get students away safely at the end of the day, with minimal disruption to our local community if common sense prevails.
Thank you for your cooperation.