23 Nov

Enterprise: Trading Places - A Student Perspective

On Friday 20th November, 11 students from St David’s College attended First Campus' ‘Trading Places’ day, as part of the enterprise activities organised by the College. Here is what Chloe Woodley, one of our St David’s students, had to say about the event:


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Trading Places day that was spent in the EE Headquarters in Merthyr Tydfil. I liked the fact that we were put in random groups and were with people we didn't know. Throughout the day we took part in numerous activities, some more challenging than others.

One activity we took part in was called the "fashion show".  We had to create an item of clothing out of paper, scissors and sellotape, we made a "fit and flare" dress which was difficult . We also had to come up with the price of the dress, work out how much we would need to sell it for to make a profit, say what age range the item was aimed at (target audience), where the item could be warn, and various other factors had to be considered. I worked with Joel and Chelsea on this particular project; they were really nice and easy to get along with considering we were total strangers beforehand.

Another activity we took part in was having to build a balloon chair. This one was one of the most stressful in my opinion because you were given such a small time frame in which you had to make a plan, come up with a pitch, and make the chair, which then had to be stable enough to sit on. Thankfully our chair actually worked.

Our chair was purple and pink because the chair was going to be aimed at supporting Cancer Research.

These are just a few activities we took part in and overall it was a really good day. EE were very hospitable and the Trading Places team were really helpful. I came away with more than I thought I would. You end up meeting so many new friends and learn new skills throughout the day."

Chloe Woodley