07 Dec

Christmas Panto Success!

Through the week of 30th November, St David's drama department produced a Christmas pantomime to perform for local primary schools. This is a student account of the event:

 "This past year the performing arts department has been amazing. Together we have produced a pantomime which we performed in front of six different primary schools throughout the week: St Francis, Thornhill, Christ The King, St Patrick's, Hawthorn, and Moorland Primary.

We have worked so hard to produce, write, and rehearse the pantomime called 'Peter Panto' and create a story line which was suitable and enjoyable for our target audience. We have developed our skills and knowledge, not just in performance, but also in the technical elements of theatre. We had so much fun making sets, creating costumes, and just the overall experience of performing to a younger audience gave us performing arts students such a amazing feeling. We hope to continue learning new things and having amazing experiences and we would like to thank the performing arts teachers, especially Mr Crowley, for always pushing in pursuit of excellence and all the help and support along the way."



Sione James