06 Dec

Tŷ Hafan - Carols at the Castle

On the 1st of December, seven students were selected to volunteer for the Carols at the Castle service. Ola Kisielewska filled us in on how the day went...


We met with our marshal Lisa Williams at the venue. She went through the health and safety policy and from there we were assigned our first role, which was probably the hardest and messiest one...

We had to help set up the stage and tents by carrying the blocks and poles used to put up the tents. We all got a bit dirty but pretty sure some of us developed muscles!


Following that messy encounter, we were assigned to different points on the road leading up to the castle in order to direct vehicles in and out of the castle grounds. As it was pretty chilly outside we found that playing ‘’Heads up’’ distracted us from the cold. Apart from that it was quite fun and filled in the gaps when no cars were driving through.

During the time we spent outside some of us went to grab a coffee to warm up whilst others enjoyed a quick sandwich break on site.


After a good few hours spent outside we were let out for a much-appreciated lunch break. We enjoyed a quick walk around town and had a look at the partially set up tents on the venue.


Following the lunch break we returned for the final marshal meeting where we were assigned different roles such as helping to maintain order during the actual concert. We had to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves but also had fun!

Once the concert started we were able to go around and enjoy it ourselves. Jagger and Woody did a great job in presenting the concert. The stalls around the venue were amazing as well.

Overall it was a pretty great experience and it was something we would love to do again! We all ended the night slightly cold and tired but feeling as Christmassy as ever!

Ola Kisielewska

Ty Hafan