30 Jun

Languages & Your Career 2017

On 28th June 2017, St David's Catholic College invited its partner school pupils, its applicants, and its current students to attend our 'Languages & Your Career' event. The evening was focused on the idea that knowledge of more than one language can enhance career prospects and open doors, in any industry or profession. 

We invited representatives from ARUP, the RAF, Capital Law, the Celtic English Academy, Cardiff University, GE Aviation, Colleges Wales and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to hold stands and deliver talks on how being able to speak additional languages had helped their careers, and what opportunities there are for job applicants with these additional skills.

Talks were delivered by Marlies Hoecherl from Capital Law, Emelyne Burkhard from the Celtic English Academy, Emma Williams from GE Aviation, and Claire Roberts from Colleges Wales. Each was extremely motivational and inspiring and it was so interesting to hear how languages such as French, Japanese and Welsh had lead to such varied and exciting careers.

After the talks had concluded, students and their parents had the opportunity to speak to the exhibitors again about their experiences, this time with delicious pastries from a local Portuguese bakery in hand! 

We would like to thank all of the institutions who attended the event for volunteering their time and for making the event such a success. Many thanks also to Nata & Co for providing the sweet treats. We hope that event has helped students to make informed choices about their GCSE, A Level, degree and future career options.