02 Oct

Students Raise £200 for Leukaemia Care

As part of blood cancer awareness month, Michelle Wong and a team of her fellow students came together to raise money for Leukaemia Care. We are very proud to announce that they managed to raise £200. Here is Michelle's account of the events:

I decided to volunteer as a community fundraiser for Leukaemia Care because I wanted to dedicate some of my time to a worthwhile cause and help make a difference. The main reason why I hold Leukaemia Care in such high regard is due to the fact that it supports patients, along with their family and carers, whose lives have been greatly affected by Leukaemia, lymphoma and the allied blood disorders. Volunteering with Leukaemia Care has been enjoyable, as it welcomes anyone who is dedicated and has a positive attitude to volunteer, and it is also very flexible in the aspect that there are endless possibilities for fundraising ideas that can be put into practice.

As September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to raise awareness and funds for leukaemia, and thus, I organised the Leukaemia Awareness Week in our College. But of course, I wouldn't have been able to successfully organise it if it wasn't for the volunteers who helped out with the events. So many thanks to Tyler, Sabina, Mollie, Otilia, Nitzan, Amal, Samah, Coco, Elodie, Humayra, Shahedah, Valeria, Nelusha, Alisha, Taylor, and Dina for your contribution! I also wish to thank all of the students who have donated their money in order to support the cause. 

Since it was my first time organising a fundraising event, I had no idea where to start or what to expect. It was only with some suggestions from the community fundraising officer I am in contact with, Sara Johnson, and Mrs Kowalska, that I was able to come up with different ideas, which eventually ended up being the activities we held for Leukaemia Awareness Week. Those of which included a cake bake sale, guessing the number of sweets in a sweets jar, guessing the name of a teddy bear, and an old book sale. I have to admit that everything was organised in quite a rush and there wasn't sufficient time to get the word out about this event, so I am honestly quite proud of my team for raising a total of £198.85 under such rushed conditions.

Michelle Wong

Cake sale

Book Sale