08 Feb

Public Speaking Competition Win for St David's Student

On Sunday, 4th February, St David’s College hosted the Catenian Association’s 2nd Annual Public Speaking Contest.

Contestants spoke for a maximum of five minutes, aiming to persuade a panel of judges to share their views on questions such as, ‘Do grades really matter?’ and, ‘Is it possible to have privacy online?’.

This year’s judges included Canon Peter Collins, Helen Stevens and Jim Winterbottom.

The eventual victor of the contest, Tom Delve, a lower-sixth Honours student, put forward an articulate, witty and logically rigorous case to argue that ITV’s ‘Love Island’ most certainly debases, as opposed to it enriching, the viewer.

This means that St David’s College retains the Bernard Deere Shield for the second year running.

It was a clean sweep for the College with Lowri Lewis, also a lower-sixth Honours student, taking second place, and upper sixth student, Bethan Linbourn, being awarded third. Tom and Lowri will now progress to a regional contest taking place in Bristol. 

The judges have also arranged to give the students feedback, allowing them to better prepare for the upcoming regional contest.

The event was also an opportunity for the Catenian Association’s Bursary fund to be explained to the students, in an effort to support students to engage in voluntary projects across the world.

A big thanks to Alex Grindulis, Honours tutor, for his role in preparing students for this event.