22 Jun

Languages & Your Career event 2018

On Thursday 21st June, St David's hosted their second annual Languages & Your Career event. The evening was a big success and was well attended by applicants and current students alike. 

The evening began with a forum of exhibitors including the University of South Wales, Careers Wales, Capital Law, the RAF, Cardiff University, Routes Cymru, Sgiliaith and Hivebrite. Students were encouraged to visit the exhibitor's stands and ask questions about how they can use a second (or third!) language to help them in their career. 

For the second part of the evening we gathered in the canteen to listen to our guest speakers. Lisa Newman, our Vice Principal, welcomed everybody to the event and was followed by Meleri Jenkins, a Project Coordinator at Routes Cymru, Helen Humphreys, Professional Development Mentor at Sgiliaith, and Gethin Nichols, UK Director at Hivebrite and Hatch2. We were also treated to a quick update from Meg Harrington, an Oxford University student and St David's alumnus. 

Our guests spoke about how languages opened doors for them, allowed them to travel, and help them day to day in their careers now. We were told that in some countries language learners are referred to as 'new speakers' rather than 'learners', and that even though we're fluent in English, we're still learning all the time and so we shouldn't be frightened to speak other languages just because we don't feel we're fluent.

The talks were very inspiring and we hope that our applicants and current students feel more confident about using their language skills going forward, and that they have gained a better understanding of the huge range of opportunities that are open to them when they speak more than one language. 

We would like to say a big thank you to our speakers and exhibitors, and we look forward to welcoming you again next year!

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