05 Feb

Third Annual Vocations Festival is Bigger Than Ever

To coincide with the delivery of the Welsh Baccalaureate Enterprise and Employability Challenge, St David’s held a week-long ‘Vocations Festival’ at the end of January.

The week began on Monday 28th January with two in-lesson lectures and a lunch time talk: Languages in the Workplace, delivered by Capital Law, An Insight Into Working in Law by Admiral Law and Student Finance by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Tuesday was kicked off by Martin Nelmes from Aberystwyth University who delivered four lessons on Computer Science to our Computing students. This was followed by a lunchtime talk about Making the Most of Unifrog - an excellent online serviced aimed at both university and apprenticeship applicants.

Wednesday was another busy day with in-lesson talks from Admiral Law, and lunch time talks about Russell Group Universities from Bristol University, Quantum Physics from the Quantum Ambassadors Programme run by the National STEM Centre, and a useful Applied to University? What Next? talk by Winchester University.

On Wednesday afternoon, over 450 students attended the Vocations Fayre. Our students, applicants, partner school year 11s and parents were all invited to speak to local and national employers and universities in an effort to aid them in making informed choices about their progression. 

The week came to a close with lesson activities run by the Cardiff Blues and the University of Law and a lunch time talk given by Careers Wales on the alternatives to HE.

In total, over 900 students took part in all of the activities organised for Vocations Week, making the event extremely successful and worthwhile.


929 students took part in activities through the week

6 lunchtime talks from employers and universities

13 in-lesson talks from employers and universities

40 exhibitors at the Vocations Fayre, from across the UK

141 students attended lunchtime talks

22 activities through the week

9 leading universities took part in the week

463 students and their parents attended Vocations Fayre