28 Apr

Incredible student achievement!


A2 Student Seren Barry has been incredibly busy since the lockdown. She has volunteered for a project organised by The Church of Jesus Christ and Care for Humanity, putting together thousands of packs of toiletries for hospitals, care centres and women’s refuges.

Seren and her family have also been collecting food donations for different food banks across South Wales, as well as some of the food going across the border to Calais, to help in the refugee crisis.

Seren says, “It has been an amazing opportunity and the donations have been amazing, as well as the support from the local authorities, as we have been working with the South Wales Police and Government”.

Alongside fellow student James Gold, Seren is now working as a housekeeper at University Hospital Wales, working 8 hour shifts, 5 days a week.

Seren has displayed a willingness to help others throughout her time at St David’s. She has volunteered at numerous college events as well as playing an active role in the Catholics and Friends’ Society. She says “I am very excited about what more I can do to help in this time of Crisis! I think it’s important to stay busy in these times as well as letting yourself relax frequently”