UCAS: I have applied, what happens next?


Offers– Responses from universities with conditions (grades or requirements that want you to meet in order to be accepted.) Wait to see if any of your university choices offer you an interview or a place on their course.

Offers can be: Conditional, Unconditional or Unsuccessful see blog post ‘Replying to Your UCAS Offers’ for more information on types of offers and ‘Firm and Insurance’ choices.

Replies – Responses you make to the offers you receive – wait until you have offers from all your universities before you make replies regarding your ‘Firm and Insurance’ choices – see above

Results – the grades you get in BTEC, WJEC Diplomas and A-Levels (results come mid-August) -confirmation of an offer might depend on your exam results.

Once you submit your application you need to wait for your offers. Universities have to respond by the beginning of May if you submitted your application by 15thof January, and mid-July if you sent your application in by 30thof June. If you do not hear back straight away, be patient – universities will receive a high number applications that need to be processed. If the university does not give an offer by the deadline you are automatically unsuccessful.

Tip: Watch your emails for requests for more information.It is common for universities to request additional information to determine your fee status. Read emails carefully and send them copies of the documents they require. Don’t panic – if they need more information they will request further copies of information. If you ever need to clarify with them what they want, send them an email or give them a call. See blog post about requests for copies of residential status for more information.

You may be asked to attend an interview before you are made an offer – this is very common for healthcare and other competitive courses. Feel free to make an appointment with the Destinations Department for a pre-interview chat or even a mini mock interview.

Once you get your offers you need to respond by the deadline given (this could vary from student to student so make sure you put it in your phone so you don’t miss the date!). After you accept your offer(s) you need to work hard and get the grades so that you have the results you need to meet the conditions of your offer.

Tip: If you change your mind and do not want to accept any of the offers, you can go through ‘Extra’ if it’s before the beginning of July.