We understand that the quality of your accommodation is a very important factor contributing to your success at the college. We all want to feel safe and secure away from home. Cardiff is a considered a popular and safe area to live and study. The college can help you to find accommodation. There are 2 options:

1) Friends or relatives

Some families prefer to buy a property for their son or daughter to live in while they are studying with us. This has proved a popular option with families who expect to send more than one child to St David’s.

For a more affordable option, some students choose to take advantage of a spare room in the home of family or friends already living in Cardiff.


2) Homestay

Homestay allows students to rent rooms in a local family home. This has many benefits including the opportunity to improve English skills, and to become familiar with the English and Welsh lifestyle.

In a typical homestay situation, a student would be provided with a private room, complete with bed, workspace, and wardrobe. Breakfast and a hot evening meal would also be included in the price. The college has a choice of hot and cold food at lunch time.

Each homestay is different and students are expected to abide by any curfues and rules put in place by their host.

St David’s College has a list of approved homestay properties throughout Cardiff. The cost of homestay varies depending on location, size of room, services offered etc.

If homestay is your chosen housing option, please contact us for further details on the properties available.