In the interests of safety, a decision has been made to close the college site on Friday 18th February due to the red weather warning from Storm Eunice. 

All lessons will take place online, at the usual timings. Attendance registers will be taken.

If you require any IT Equipment to enable you to engage in tomorrow’s lessons, please can you go to the LaunchPad on the middle floor of the main building to collect any necessary equipment as soon as possible on Thursday 17th February. 

The LRC will not be open on Saturday 19th February. It will however be open as planned during half-term from 9-4pm, Monday to Saturday.


Please can you ensure that the protocols for online learning are followed. A copy of the remote learning protocols can be found below. 

Before the remote session starts 

Students will: 

  • Make sure your device is fully charged and you have all power adaptors ready before the lessons begins. 
  • Ensure that the location you log in from is suitable and appropriate to avoid distraction from others in the household. 
  • Dress appropriately for all classes, thinking about respect for others. 
  • Be punctual for all lessons, including remote lessons. Make sure you are logged onto the correct Team. 
  • Ensure you have your webcam on with a suitable background display (see training from Miss Brace) and microphone off (unless requested otherwise). All ‘phones have microphones so there is no reason why you should not come to the microphone, even if your PC microphone is not working. 
  • Be prepared for your lesson in advance – have the lesson materials and equipment you will need before going online. 
  • Remember that remote learning is not private. Think about the consequences of anything you might write or post online. Do not impersonate others.


Online Etiquette 

Students will: 

  • Observe ‘classroom standards’ of behaviour in remote lessons. Conduct all communications in a respectful manner. Inappropriate language or behaviour will result in disciplinary action. If your teacher is unaware of an inappropriate behaviour by others, please alert your teacher so this may be dealt with. 
  • Actively engage in every session. Use the chat facility; hands- up facility; come on microphone to answer questions. Answer all questions – it is only through effort and challenging ourselves that we improve. Ask questions to check / challenge your understanding. 
  • Seek to contribute to the online class in a positive manner and do not be disruptive at any time. 
  • Use the Chat facility in MS Teams in an appropriate, relevant and polite manner. 
  • Take notes, as you go, on the important points of the lesson. Writing will help you to understand the material and to stay more engaged in the learning (e.g. use a highlighter/ write down examples, etc.). 
  • Edit your answers when your teacher runs through an activity (in a different coloured pen, ideally). 
  • Inform your teacher, in advance of the lesson, if you are unable to complete work / if you are unwell / any other reason. This is an expectation and common courtesy. 
  • Message teachers, outside lessons, in a courteous, respectful and polite manner and not expect teachers to respond immediately. 

Students will not: 

  • Share images of the class. 
  • Share inappropriate images or other content 
  • Share the link to a class Team with anyone else. 
  • Tamper, in any way, with teachers’ online resources 
  • Record live lessons (audio / video / photographs etc.). This is strictly prohibited. 
  • Initiate any online live classes with their teacher. 
  • Circulate or publishing material recorded without consent, including on the Internet. This considered a serious breach of disciplinary rules. 
  • Message teachers or pastoral tutors, via email or Teams, outside the College day or on weekends. Teachers will respond to emails within college hours and within 48 hours over working days. 
  • Expect teachers to respond to messages, by email or MS Teams, in less than 48 hours over working days or outside normal college hours.