Science - Applied Diploma

BTEC Level 3 Diploma
D*D* 64% (2019)
Awarding Body
BTEC Pearson

Course Overview

This is a two-year course. After the first year, students gain a Subsidiary Diploma which is equivalent to 1 A level. Classes are 8hrs per week. This ‘stand alone’ qualification progresses onto the second year in order to gain the full Diploma - equivalent to 2 A levels.

How is the Course Assessed?

Year 1 Units

U1 Fundamentals of Science:

Chemical reactions, the structure and functions of cells, and the calorific value of different fuels.

U2 Working in the Science Industry:

Communication practices, how laboratories are designed, how to work safely in a scientific workplace.

U4 Scientific Practical Techniques:

Analysis of substances, the separation of substances, the use of instruments/sensors.

U5 Perceptions of Science:

How people, society and the media interact with science, how scientific ideas develop and the ethical/moral issues.

U11 Physiology of Human Body Systems:

Organ systems of the body, the organisation of cells and tissues

U13 Biochemistry and Biochemical Techniques:

Biological molecules, enzymes, metabolic pathways, protein structures.


Year 2 Units

U3 Scientific Investigation:

Protocols associated with scientific investigations - setting up an idea, testing  & reporting.

U6 Using Mathematical Tools for Science:

Collecting and interpreting data on graphs and charts.

U8 Using Statistics in Science:

Statistical techniques for handling, collection and interpretation of scientific data.

U12 Physiology of Human Regulation and Reproduction:

Regulation of body fluids, nervous system functions, homeostasis, the reproductive system.

U15 Microbiological techniques:

Microbiological concepts and techniques, features of cells.

U22 Chemical Laboratory Techniques:

Prepare, purify and analyse compounds, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

U43 Disease and Infections:

How they develop and spread, and what makes some of them fatal, impact on people, society and the environment.

What Next?

This qualification will provide learners with a wide range of transferable skills that will act as a sound basis for both Higher Education and future employment. Students will have gained a good working knowledge of general laboratory skills and research procedures as well as the specific scientific topics.

Specific Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs at grade A*-C including Core Science, Maths and English

You will be able to apply for this course at interview.