Applied Science

Science - Applied Subsidiary Diploma

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma
D*-D 64% (2019)
Awarding Body

Course Overview

This is a two-year course. After the first year, students gain a Certificate. This is equivalent to 1 AS Level; 4 hours per week. This is a ‘stand alone’ qualification which then progresses onto the second year in order to gain the full Subsidiary Diploma. All students that enrol on the Subsidiary Diploma will have a common first year (Certificate). They will then specialise in Chemistry, Biology or Physics in the second year; this allows them to achieve a Subsidiary Diploma.

How is the Course Assessed?

Assessment is continuous during the course by the completion of assignments that are linked directly to the topics being delivered. There are no formal exams but testing may be used as an assessment method within assignments.

Year 1 Units

U1 Fundamentals of Science

Investigate the quantities necessary in chemical reactions, the structure and functions of cells, the calorific value of different fuels, and develop skills in communicating scientific information.

U2 Working in the Science Industry

Communication practices, how laboratories are designed, how information is stored in labs and how to work safely in a scientific workplace.

U4 Scientific Practical Techniques

Such as the analysis of substances, the separation of substances and the use of instruments/sensors.

Year 2 Units

U5 Perceptions of Science

How people, society and the media interact with science, and consider how scientific ideas develop and the ethical/moral issues associated with some scientific advances.

U11 Physiology of Human Body Systems

Investigate some of the organ systems of the human body and how they work together. Investigate the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic systems and the organisation of cells and tissues.

U13 Biochemistry and Biochemical Techniques

Learners will investigate biological molecules, enzymes, metabolic pathways and the structure of proteins.

What Next?

On completion of this course you will have achieved a nationally recognised qualification equivalent to one A Level.

You will also have experience of applying Science to the workplace and have developed the confidence, knowledge and experience to gain employment in a Science-based job.

Specific Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs A* - C including Core Science or Biology (separate science), Mathematics/Numeracy and English Language. A Pass at BTEC Level 2 Applied Science is also accepted.

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