Chaplaincy adds an extra and unique dimension to your educational experience at the College. It enables you to have a wider and more meaningful learning experience as well as organising pilgrimages, retreats and quiet days – which are open to all students.

Chaplaincy is about care and support. It’s about accompanying you on your journey through College. It is about offering support and opportunities to develop personally and spiritually. It is about enabling an ‘animated’ educational experience through creating a community where fullness of life can be glimpsed and lived.

What is a Catholic College?

A Catholic College is a community which strives to be genuinely and fully human, where people can grow and develop while feeling at home and valued.

The spirit of the Gospel is at the heart of our way of life, relationships and community. Thus, we affirm the value of each member of the College community – whether student or employee – and have concern for the whole person and the uniqueness of the individual. This entails sharing each other’s strengths and being sensitive to one another’s weaknesses, as well as striving for the highest expectations of personal growth and achievement.

Spiritual Reflection

Every student that comes to St David’s College does so with different experiences and perspectives on faith. It is our intention that, no matter what your background, you should have the opportunity to engage with life’s big questions from an angle that reflects where you are coming from.

For this reason, we have developed a course in Religious Education for all students. It is called ‘Spiritual Reflection’, and it represents an exciting introduction to Catholic Belief and Practice, as well as insights from other world faiths, as they relate to a variety of virtues which when practiced regularly can lead to human flourishing.

Prayer and Worship

Mass is celebrated each Wednesday in the College Chapel at lunchtime. Everyone is welcome to attend and join us in prayer. Mass is also celebrated on major solemnities.

Opportunities for reflection are also offered to all students in the College Chapel at all the major seasons of the Church year. The college day begins each day with a brief, reflective morning prayer in the chapel. We endeavour to make our daily reflections, seasonal assemblies and liturgies as accessible and inclusive as possible, while being faithful to our Catholic heritage.

Other Faiths

Being a Catholic College means being open and inclusive in our approach. The Catholic vision of education is universal in character, it is inclusive of everyone and deeply humanist.

Students of other faiths are very welcome at St David’s. We greatly respect the sacred truths and values in other religious traditions and encourage such students in their faith commitment. Students of other faiths are all encouraged in their spiritual practice and prayers.

Hamad Abdelkadir, a former upper sixth student, says of his time at St David’s:

“Being a Muslim student at St David’s Catholic College was an excellent experience. I practiced my faith without facing any problem whatsoever. I found it an enriching experience and would highly recommend practicing Muslims to look no further. The College understands totally the nature and needs of those practicing the Islamic faith and does its best to accommodate them.”

Global Outreach

In July, several students from St David’s have volunteered over the years to join other young people from around the UK to work on classroom building projects in Africa or Asia.

They spend five weeks in modest rural villages, working with locals on classroom construction, and teaching basic English to local children. The work is part of Lasallian Projects. In recent years students have worked in Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda.

St David’s has helped to fund and build a health clinic in Tanzania in partnership with the Rosminian fathers in Cardiff. This offers life-saving treatments to people of rural villages.

The College supports major fund-raising events throughout the year and has a close partnership with CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development and Aid to the Church in Need.

Student Chaplaincy Team

Students from a variety of backgrounds make up the Student Chaplaincy Team.  They help with the Catholic Life and Mission of the College by raising awareness about important issues and campaigns, supporting charitable events and activities and celebrating the diverse spiritual heritage within the college. They also support and review the prayer and liturgy opportunities available to students. Students share their skills, talents and experience within the team to enrich the life of the college.

Quiet Days

We would like to restore, when circumstances allow, the opportunity for students to enjoy a quiet day of rest, relaxation and renewal in a peaceful and beautiful setting in the mountains outside Aberdare or the tranquil grounds of Llantarnam Abbey. These setting will allow you to experience walks, orienteering, and some quiet time during the day.

It is a chance to get away from the city with friends and enjoy some rare peace and quiet. It is about encouraging each person to reflect on and experience the fullness of life.