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Information for Learners from Qualifications Wales

23rd March 2021

Information for Learners. - here is a link to some information from Qualifications Wales. 



Letter from Mrs Newman

5th March 2021

Dear Student, 

I hope you are well and I am sure you are pleased to see that the public health situation in Wales is continuing to improve. The last three months have been a challenging time for you all and thank you for your hard work and perseverance.

I am pleased to tell you that following discussions with Welsh Government and in line with their guidance from post-16 learning providers, we are able to enable Lower 6 (including Level 2) and Upper 6 students to return for a period from Monday 15th March until Friday 26thMarch. Each student will return for face-to- face learning for a block of 2 ½ days in the two-week period from  15th March. The current version of the timetable structure, with longer breaks between lessons, will continue. This reduces digital fatigue for those students who will be learning remotely during this period. Unfortunately, we are unable to revert to our usual mode of operation involving 50% of students being in college for the half of each week since we are required to adhere to 2 metres social distancing for the two weeks until Easter. The Easter holidays are from Monday 29th March to Friday 9th April and Welsh Government will be review the situation during this period.

Students regarded as ‘medically vulnerable’ or ‘shielding’ can continue to work remotely for this period.  

A more detailed email will follow next week, including your timetable and the operational arrangements for the two-week period. Some key points include:

  • 2 metres social distancing in classrooms, in communal areas and around the College site.
  • Students will be supplied with a further set of reusable face coverings.  Face coverings are required to be worn in lessons, in communal areas and everywhere else within college buildings. They may be removed when eating and drinking and in the College grounds. Students who are exempt from wearing a face covering must wear a ‘sunflower’ lanyard issued by the College.   
  • Students will be provided with home-testing kits and guidance to administer these.
  • We will continue to use our stewards to ensure that 2 metres social distancing is maintained at all times.
  • Colleges buses will be running. Face coverings are required to be worn.
  • Students should bring a packed lunch and water because the canteen will not be open. Water will be supplied by stewards, on request.   

Thank you for your continued support. We continue to keep you all in our daily prayers at college. I will be in touch again next week with more detail.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Newman



Dates for GCSE and A-level results this summer.

Tuesday 10th August 2021 A Level results 

Thursday 12th August 2021 GCSE results 



Qualifications Wales confirms centre determined grades for summer 2021

Qualifications Wales has confirmed that following the Minister for Education’s policy direction on the assessment approach for Summer 2021, it will change its regulations for approved GCSE, AS and A levels in Wales to allow grades to be determined by schools and colleges.

Full statement here. 

Letter for Learners in Wales - 20th January 2021.



Qualifications Wales cancels the spring internal assessment window - due between 22 February and 23 April - for GCSE, AS and A levels

Qualifications Wales cancels the spring internal assessment window (due between 22 February and 23 April) for GCSE, AS and A levels. Revised assessment arrangements for the award of these qualifications in summer 2021 will be put in place shortly.

Full statement here.





End of term for ALL STUDENTS

The end of term will now be 25th June for all students (Upper 6 and Lower 6). This will allow all external assessments to be completed in light of the removal of summer examinations.