English Language and Literature is a subject that requires students to identify and consider the ways in which attitudes and values are created and conveyed in speech and writing. The focus of study will be the interpretation of written and spoken language, to include poetry, prose and drama as well as a range of non-literary texts. There will also be opportunities for original writing.

Texts studied over the course currently include an anthology of poems from Shakespeare to WW1, King Lear and The Color Purple. There is also a second year genre based coursework unit which involves the study of crime fiction.

AS Level (year 1)

Unit 1: Comparative Analysis and Creative Writing (2 hr exam)
This unit examines learners’ abilities to explore connections across a wide range of texts. It encourages extensive wider reading and provides opportunities for learners to select appropriate methods of analysis when exploring non-literary texts.

Unit 2: Drama and Non-literary Text Study (2 hr exam)
Learners will engage critically with their set text and explore the richness of the English language. In responding to non-literary texts, learners should be able to recognise the bias, the moral outlook, the prejudices, attitudes and values of speakers and writers and to be able to analyse how these are conveyed through the use of language.

A2 Level (year 2)

Unit 3: Shakespeare (1.5 hr exam)
While learners will engage critically with the text as a work of literature, this unit also offers opportunities for exploring the richness of the English language and its historical development set within the context of when the text was produced and received.

Unit 4: Unseen Text and Prose Study (2 hr exam)
This unit encourages learners to develop their ability to read widely and engage critically with a range of texts whilst developing further learners’ techniques of analysis and evaluation.

Unit 5: Coursework
This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated. It gives opportunities for learners to independently select an aspect of prose study that interests them and to study one text within that genre. In addition, learners are given the opportunity to select wider reading to inform their studies in this unit and to reflect on the learning that has taken place.

Examinations are in June

A Level English is a pivotal subject which means that most subjects go well with it. Therefore, many careers are open to the English student. However, the most obvious professions are law, journalism, teaching, administration, civil service, banking, the media and creative industries.

6 grade C’s at GCSE, including a grade C in GSCE English.