Government and Politics will enable students to study a number of issues which are of contemporary national and global importance. The course will give pupils a good insight into how the UK government works, the significance of ideology and its impact on political parties.

AS Level (year 1)

Unit 1: Government in Wales and UK
This unit introduces students to how Wales and the UK is governed today. Students will study the UK Constitution, the power of the Welsh Assembly and Parliament as well as the role of the Supreme Court in UK politics. Learners will be able to discuss, analyse and evaluate the key themes, issues and debates surrounding governance in Wales and the UK.

Unit 2: Living and Participating in a Democracy
This unit focuses on the theme of political behaviour in the UK. It explores how people’s different patterns of participation can be explained and the forms of participation in a democracy. The importance of voting behaviour, the influence of electoral systems in communicating political opinion and the controversies surrounding the use of referendums are crucial topics for analysis.

A2 Level (year 2)

Unit 3: Political Concepts and Theories
A range of ideological traditions will be examined such as Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Communism and Nationalism. Learners will develop a critical knowledge and understanding of these ideologies and their contemporary relevance to UK and Welsh politics.

Unit 4: Government and Politics of the USA
This unit focuses on the theme of the government of the USA. It explores the different processes involved in decision-making and the checks and balances inherent within the US political system. It is a synoptic unit and students are encouraged to keep abreast of current affairs in the USA and other countries. Application of knowledge gained from the AS Politics course is encouraged when evaluating the role of political parties, pressure groups and voting behaviour in the USA.

Due to the broad nature of the subject, and the skills acquired throughout the course, it combines well with other arts and humanities subjects. Government and Politics is a useful subject for students applying for university courses in history, law, journalism or teaching.

6 grade C’s at GCSE, including a grade C in GCSE English. No prior learning in politics is required, however it is essential to the course to keep up to date with current affairs.