AS Law requires students to study areas such as the civil and criminal justice systems, the application of the law to scenarios and the law of tort.

At A2, learners will study criminal law and human rights law, providing them with a breadth of knowledge of core legal subjects. Throughout both AS and A2 level, learners will develop legal skills such as applying the law, formulating a legal argument, analysing a factual scenario and evaluating the law.

AS Level (year 1)

Unit 1: The Welsh and English Legal Systems (written examination)

Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of sources of primary and secondary law in the Welsh and English legal systems and will consider how those laws are used by judges in making decisions. They will also develop knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system, civil justice system including relevant legal personnel and legal funding.  Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of the Devolution Settlement in Wales and its impact.

Unit 2: The Law of Tort (written examination)

This unit looks at the rules, theory and application of an area of substantive law – the law of tort. Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of topics such as negligence and the award of damages and will be required to apply the elements of the law to hypothetical scenarios.

A2 Level (year 2)

Units 3 & 4: Criminal Law and Human Rights Law

Study at A2 level looks at developing the legal skill of applying the law to scenarios and of evaluating legal rules, principles, concepts and issues.  Year 2 is assessed via two written examinations which will require students to answer scenario-based questions and essay-based questions

Students wishing to study Law at university will not be disadvantaged by studying A Level Law. The course helps them prepare for the LNat test and develops students’ legal skills. Law has links with Politics; it also develops analytical and evaluative written skills which support a number of other studies including English and History.

6 grade C’s at GCSE, including a grade C in GCSE English. 

A grade C in a discursive subject like History, Religious Studies or English Literature can be used as an alternative for English.