This course is aimed at students who love sport and wish to study sport, with particular focus on the theoretical side.

This course will allow students to develop and apply the skills required:

– to perform effectively in physical activities;

– in roles such as performer, leader and official within physical activities;

– to understand the factors that enable performers to be physically active;

– to understand how performers can make the most of the opportunities and pathways;

– to understand and evaluate current key influences that might limit or encourage people’s involvement in physical activity.

AS Level (year 1)

Exam (1 hr 45 mins), includes compulsory structured questions and one essay-style question


  • Practical performance in one sport
  • Coaching or officiating
  • Coursework (2000 words) practical performance profile

AS Level theory areas:

Lifestyle choices (health, fitness, adaptations to training, etc.), participation in physical activity (training intensities, recovery, psychology, etc.), nutrition (balanced diet, hydration, etc.).


A Level (year 2)

  • Exam (2 hrs), includes compulsory structured questions and one essay-style question
  • Practical performance in one sport, or coaching/officiating
  • Coursework – investigative research, 3000 words

A2 Level theory areas:

Refining sporting performance and enhancing health: performance analysis, anxiety management, motivation, etc.

Contemporary influences: organisation of sport, drugs in sport, sponsorship, technological developments in sport, etc.

The course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills required for success in the sport and recreation industries, or for entry into Higher National or undergraduate degree programmes in physical education, sport science, sports development or sports coaching. It may allow progression onto physiotherapy programmes with an additional science qualification (A2 Biology).

6 GCSEs A* – C. Grade BB or above in GCSE Science is compulsory, as well as a grade B or above in GCSE P.E., and C or above in GCSE English Language.

Representative honours in at least the following: High club level and/or county/district level or the equivalent for the activity.

A statement about performance level in the sport(s) must be provided and signed by a current witness (coach, P.E. teacher, etc.).