St David’s College launches its annual fundraising campaign for Crisis at Christmas this week.

Each year, Crisis at Christmas opens its doors to people who are homeless, offering much-needed warmth, healthcare, food, and company.

Right now, thousands of people at the sharp end of poverty are at risk of being pushed into homelessness. This year even more than ever, with the increasing costs of living, the sad statistics report that even people who are working are becoming homeless, as they must make unthinkable choices between eating, heating, or keeping a roof over their heads.

Over the last 4 years, the college has raised £6,500, and we are aiming to add another £1,500 this year through all the wonderful fund-raising ideas created by our students.

Next week the annual Christmas Boffin Quiz will also be launched for the charity – Which students will know the most about Christmas? Find out next week and get involved!

Thank you so much for all your contributions so far. We’ve made a great start with £400 raised already.

If you would like to know more about what is going on during the Crisis at Christmas fundraising, speak to your pastoral tutor, or Mrs P Jones.