Day of the Girl, Jaime taking over for Mark Drakeford for the day.

In December 2011, the UN adopted a resolution that would create the International Day of the Girl Child (IDG); a way of highlighting girls’ rights and the challenges girls face. But it is also meant to empower girls. On IDG, António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the UN, has said that it is more important now than ever for nations to commit to working together to allow girls to exercise their rights and play an equal role in societies – adding that “investing in girls is investing in our common future.”

In the ten years since the first IDG, governments and individuals world-wide have cast more attention on the issues that matter to girls, and more opportunities have arisen for girls to take to the global stage. But there continues to be limits on investments in girls’ rights, and thus on their ability to realise their full potential.

Marking the 10th IDG, Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford handed his role over for a day, to Jaime Clemett – a Lower Sixth student at St David’s Catholic College.

Like the idea that IDG was built on, Jaime took over with the aim of ‘raising awareness of the issues girls face’.

In a video posted to the @/PrifWeinidog Twitter page, Jaime noted that there is an importance to ‘seeing girls in high up roles in politics’ and throughout the day, she met with the Social Justice and Health Ministers, Jane Hutt and Eluned Morgan, MS.

Jaime opened the press conference for the day, to talk about what she was doing, saying “we are raising our voices, demanding a seat at the table, and getting our voices heard”.

Jaime also had the opportunity to sit with Mr Drakeford during his preparation ahead of First Minister’s Questions, as well as attending the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour event in St Fagans alongside him.

Talking to BBC News, Jaime said “The International Day of the Girl is such an important day to reflect on, because for years, women didn’t have a voice. Women couldn’t vote. They were kind of background characters, and now so much has changed. Women are at the forefront of countries”.

Written by Alexandra Tyler, Student Journalist