Show Racism the Red Card Training

St David’s College community is proud of its diversity and continues to take steps towards fostering inclusivity and combating racism by becoming the first further education institution in Wales, to collaborate with DARPL, Black Leadership Group and Show Racism the Red Card to train all staff on antiracism. This initiative aligns with the Welsh Government’s ambitious plan to become an anti-racist nation by 2030.

The antiracism training day featured engaging workshops conducted by aforementioned prominent organizations, and impactful individuals like Kiani Perera and Stella Mbubaegbu. Prior to the workshops, attendees were moved by the compelling story of Ibrahim Tarafdar, as featured in the documentary titled “Breaking Barriers: One Man’s Journey” (watch here:

Ibrahim Tarafdar’s story serves as a powerful testament to the impact of positive role models on individuals and communities. The documentary chronicles his journey of overcoming adversity, shedding light on the real-world consequences of systemic racism. St David’s College acknowledges the importance of personal narratives like Ibrahim’s in fostering empathy and understanding among its staff.

Chantelle Haughton and Leon Andrews, the director and organizer from DARPL, played a crucial role in orchestrating the antiracism training day. Their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within educational institutions has been instrumental in making this initiative a reality. The college also extends its gratitude to Dean Pymble, Tom Knight, and the entire team from Show Racism the Red Card, whose workshops provided invaluable insights and tools for combating racism.

Additionally, a special acknowledgement goes to Stella Mbubaegbu, a key figure in the Black Leadership Group, who shared her expertise during the training sessions. Stella’s contributions have been instrumental in guiding the staff towards a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in building a truly antiracist environment.

St David’s College believes that education is a powerful tool in dismantling prejudice and fostering a society that values diversity. By taking this proactive step in training all staff members, the college is not only contributing to the Welsh Government’s vision for an antiracist Wales by 2030 but also setting a commendable example for educational institutions nationwide. The commitment to ongoing education and awareness is crucial in the collective effort to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Mark Leighfield, Lisa Newman, Dean Pymble and staff from St David's College and Show Racism the Red Card

Mark Leighfield, Lisa Newman, Dean Pymble and staff from St David's College and Show Racism the Red Card