St. David’s College recently held its annual Sports Awards ceremony to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of its student-athletes across various sports disciplines. The event, a culmination of dedication, hard work, and talent, showcased the outstanding performances of individuals and teams throughout the academic year.

On the netball court, a line-up of standout players was celebrated for their exceptional contributions:

  • Players’ Player of the Year: Ami Howarth
  • Most Improved Player of the Year: Olivia Lloyd
  • Coach’s Award: Libby Wright

The netball team participated in four tournaments, including the Presidents Cup, Welsh Colleges Championships, Urdd Championships, and Senior County Tournament. Despite facing formidable competition, they displayed exceptional skill and teamwork, securing victories against schools and colleges from across Wales. The highlight of their season was reaching the final of the Welsh Colleges Plate Competition, where they demonstrated remarkable talent, ultimately earning a well-deserved silver medal.

It’s been a big year of growth for Saints Basketball, as the boys developed a tier 2 team, and there was a lot of growth in the women’s academy. In both teams, individual players were honoured for their outstanding performances.

Nia Davies, despite being new to basketball and a more familiar name on the football pitch at Ocean Park Arena, showcased exceptional dedication and coachability throughout the season and won the award for Most Improved Player of the Year.

Harriet Grant‘s leadership and defensive prowess were instrumental in the team’s success, where she won Defensive Player of the Year.

Lily Parkin‘s outstanding performance in the Schools Tournament as well as her leadership, quality and ability to score secures her place as MVP.

Destiny Elliot‘s hard work and team-first mentality propelled him to the starting line-up this season for the boys, earning him the Most Improved Player of the Year.

Antonio Morales displayed exemplary defence throughout the season, averaging 11 rebounds and always putting his body on the line, making him a two-time Defensive Player of the Year.

Those who have followed The Saints this season will know that there isn’t a way to choose between the two, as David Wells and Alonzo Rosario both stood out as MVPs, with their impressive statistics and influential performances on both ends of the court.

Dave’s competitive nature alongside his athletic ability has made him a big influence on both offence and defence. He averaged 28 ppg, along with 12 rebounds, with a season-high 49 points against Barton College.

Alonzo has been a huge part of the team during his time at St David’s, where his ability to score in a variety of ways matched his speed and anticipation on defence. He averaged 22 points per game and 4 steals, with a season-high 36 points against Worthing College.

The Saints completed their first season in the CBL, where the high standard has been a big benefit for our players. We ended the season with a mid-table finish while securing the Welsh Schools Championship for another season, where they lifted the trophy alongside partner school Corpus Christi (who won Year 9/10 Champions).

In football, players were recognized across different tiers for their exceptional contributions.

Nia Davies bagged her second award of the night, winning Players’ Player of the Year in the Women’s Football team. Nia is a talented sports player, capable of playing in various positions and has a big impact, especially when playing at the back. She is the girls’ captain and is respected by all in the team.

Lucy Coles takes home this year’s Women’s Player of the Year, being dynamic on the ball, with the ability to change direction on either foot at pace. She can play anywhere and has, and will, always provide solid effort and intensity.

The boy’s tier 2 team has seen some exceptional dedication this year. Players’ Player of the Year is awarded to Success Adebote, who is someone other players respect and look towards – a true leader by example. His ability this year has shown he is a dynamic player, especially on his left, and has lots of ability to beat players from a standstill.

The Tier 2 Player of the Year was awarded to Cameron Merchant, who was promoted to the Tier 1 team for his attitude and application. His growth in confidence over the year, along with his quality made him a player to look to, and he still attended the Tier 2 training sessions even after joining the Tier 1 setup.

The Tier 1 team has seen a lot of togetherness this year, with the team standing out for their ability to play together as a unit. They are quick to remind people that they beat Cardiff and Vale College twice this year, home and away, and finished fourth in the league.

The Players’ Player of the Year is Andrei Espiritu. His pace and precision with the ball has meant that he has always been an attacking threat this season. He is a top goal scorer, with the ability to escape from positions he shouldn’t with the ball at his feet.

Abel Mwenera wins Player of the Year, for his exceptional talent at 1v1 defending and being a solid presence at the back – not many passed him. His composure on the ball and ability to find a pass has been a big presence in the team and earned him his position in the Welsh Schools FA team, where he has been selected and capped for every possible game this season.

The Vanguard, which is awarded for excellent leadership, attitude and application, goes to Adam Newton. A captain on and off the field, the Academy coaches will miss Adam when he finishes college this year. A well-disciplined and organised leader who has led the team to what they have accomplished this year.

These awards highlight the diversity of talent and dedication within St. David’s College sports programs, reflecting the college’s commitment to fostering excellence both on and off the field. As the academic year draws to a close, the achievements of these student-athletes serve as a testament to their hard work, perseverance, and passion for sport.

Well done to all of our award winners, teams, coaches and staff members for all that they have done to make this season a memorable one.