St David's Valkyries Crowned 2023 Women in Esports Champions

On the 6th of December 2023, St David’s Valkyries emerged champions in the highly competitive Women in Esports Winter Grand Championship Cup, despite it being their debut season in the world of esports. The all-female team showcased amazing skill and teamwork, cheered on by students and staff members, and left a memorable mark on the increasing world of student esports.

Throughout the competition, the Girl’s team displayed an impressive level of prowess, remaining undefeated against intense competitors from colleges across the UK. St David’s Valkyries journeyed through the tournament focusing on their teamwork and determined to make a lasting impact in student esports.

Women in Esports Announcer, Daineal had this to say for one of our players, “Labyrinth did such a good job. She kept reading their defence, predicting their opponent’s moves and changing their team’s setup for that. Being such a consistent central player, that’s something that we see so prolific in the pro scenes of Valorant. She’s definitely someone you want on your team, especially at this tier, I would have to give MVP to Labyrinth on how consistent she is throughout these matches.”

Labrynth helped to guide Valkyries on multiple occasions throughout the tournament to victory, with strategic placement of team players, the ability to read the game, critical thinking and precise execution. It seems natural that the match announcers, going by their gaming tags Daineal and Waxen, gave the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) to Labyrinth for her demonstration of skills and dedication to her team.

Another of Valkyries’ standout players, Mochi, was given an honourable mention by the other announcer, Waxen, noting, “Moments make players in this fast-paced sport and Mochi definitely showed how she can step up when it matters.”

St David's Valkyries Crowned 2023 Women in Esports Champions

Their victory not only secured the prestigious Grand Championship Cup but also solidified their presence as a force to be reckoned with within the realm of student esports. This sparked inspiration for our aspiring female gamers and other student teams, who are hungrier than ever for success in their British Esports Winter Open Cups.

Congratulations to St David’s Valkyries on their remarkable achievement in securing the 2023 Women in Esports Winter Grand Championship Cup!

You can view the final match of the Winter Grand Championship here: