For the first time in your education, you now get to choose what you do next.

St David’s College specialises in providing high quality education, exclusively for 16-19 year olds, for students of all backgrounds and abilities. St David’s is a friendly and inclusive sixth form college with a reputation for excellent results, teaching support and guidance.

St David’s enjoys a unique position in educational terms as it’s the only Catholic sixth form college in Wales. It was founded by the Archdiocese of Cardiff to be a place where faith is respected and encouraged, a  place where people can grow as a person, not just academically.

Although admissions priority is given to students from our five Catholic partner schools, we welcome students of other faiths and backgrounds. Whoever you are, and whatever it is that makes you unique in the sight of God, and we value that uniqueness at St David’s.

“I love studying at St Davids. Everyone here is so friendly; the teachers, the staff and the other students. I feel that my understanding of the subjects I chose to study has really been improved and having wonderful teachers has helped me to achieve this”.

16 to 19 year old, specialists.

As a college that has been teaching only 16 to 19 year olds for over thirty years, it means we are specialists at dealing with the obstacles that come your way during that part of your life – whether academically or pastorally.

As you enter Year 11, you enter important years in your life, where you will begin your journey through , further education, higher education or your career. St David’s has the staff to support you during those key life decisions.

There is more to life than studying.

Studying and achieving things academically should be high on your list of priorities. But, it shouldn’t be the only priority. St David’s recognises the importance of growing as a person – and to do that you must have opportunities to grow and develop interests.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Engaging in activities outside of the classroom…

Charitable Causes

During your time at St David’s we encourage you to engage in local and wider charitable causes. As a member of St David’s, you play a role in the community.

Career and Employment Opportunities

“One of the biggest differences the college provides in comparison to school is the level of independence it allows us to have. I joined St David’s College in hope that it would be the stepping stone I need to transition to the kind of independence I need in university.

Not only has St David’s environment enabled me to push myself and grow to become a more confident, driven and more sociable learner. St David’s has allowed me to become more unapologetic for the person I am and want to be”.

– Melanie Benedict